Pitch List

Final projects (video plus text with photos or graphics)

PRISON PUPS: Nebraska inmates train dogs for Domesti-Pups, an organization that provides service dogs for people with special needs. KATE VEIK

HEALTHY LUNCHES: A UNL study reports that schools banning junk food at mealtimes have healthier students. We see how Lincoln Public Schools try to make lunches healthy and talk to students about what they like to eat for lunch. RICH SCHNEIDER

CLARA: Profile of the student chosen to play Clara in the Nutcracker Ballet. This is a big commitment for a young dancer. TORI GRDINA

UNL OPERA: Profile of student who recently won an award for her opera performance and is in the current production at UNL.  We also write about the opera program – who majors in opera anyway. KIARA LECHTER

JACK DUNN – Profile of the man behind the scenes at the Mueller Planetarium. He’s passionate about the job he’s been doing for years. JENNA GIBSON

MUSIC MAN – A Dewitt man went from jail guard by day to living his dream as a full-time musician, playing in bars in small towns. How’d he do it and what’s it like to make your living as a musician. RYAN EVANS

ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY – It may sound nerdy but amateur archeologist swap stories and artifacts as part of the Nebraska Archeological Society. We tell their story. KIAH HASLETT

PEPE’s BISTRO – We tell the story of Pepe Fiero and his quest to bring local food to Lincolnites through his quirky Havelock restaurant, which he runs as a one-man show. SARAH MCCALLISTER


GOLDEN WARRIORS – This is a program aimed at keeping young Latino men out of trouble. The program based at El Centro de las Americas is based on an Aztec Warrior’s Path. KATRINA FISCHMAN

ENERGY/ALCOHOL DRINKS – Some states have banned these potent energy/alcohol drinks. But you can still buy them in Nebraska. We do a story on the problems they create and what you need to know about them. ELIZABETH VENRICK


FARM COUPLE – A Weeping Willow couple in their 90s still live together on their farm, doing chores, keeping a garden, and sharing a daily devotional. We take viewers inside a day in their lives and talk to experts about how staying active matters as we grow older. SEANICA REINEKE


JACOB’S WELL – A young guy in his 20s starts an organization that provides a twice a month food drive for those in need. We focus on founder Mark Thornton, but we also write about other programs to provide food for the needy in Lincoln. LACEY MASON


RECOVERY – Garret Durst will show us how Nova Adams, a staffer at Madonna Rehab Hospital, helped him recover from injuries he suffered in a car crash. She played a key role in getting him back into school here at UNL, working with him weekly during the semester.  G. Durst

WORKPLACE ROMANCE —  what are its pluses and minuses? How do people who are dating keep that from interfering with their performance on the job? How do supervisors deal with it, especially when problems arise? How are others in the workplace affected? She has in mind a couple that worked together for almost a year at the Old Chicago restaurant. R. Ruybalid

PEOPLE’S CITY MISSION – As colder weather sets in, how is the mission working with those in need. We’ll look at someone whose life has been changed by their experiences there, as a client or volunteer. We’ll also look at how the mission is handling its workload and funding concerns. M. Wurtz

NIGHTHAWKS – This Omaha-based United Football League team has people on its roster who have been NFL greats, such as Ahman Green, who are looking back on full careers and seem to be playing for the love of the sport. It also is home to people such as Maurice Claret, a great talent whose career was cut short by weapons charges, who may see the league as a place to rebuild. We’ll look at both extremes in a profile of this alternative football league that is packing the house at Rosenblatt. J. Hanner

A SPIRITED PLACE – Solas Distillery gives Nebraskans something they can really warm to, beer and vodka. The combo brewery and distillery is run by Zac Triemert, who had to push for legal changes to clear the way for his business.We’ll look at how the place works and how he got it up and running. A. Krienert

NEBRASKA FLAG FOOTBALL – A statewide league gives players a serious venue to take off the pads and play some of the game they love. We look at interesting players and the history of the game here. J. Compton

POTTER-MANIA – The latest installment of the Harry Potter phenom is due out Nov. 19. We’ll look at the hoopla around it, the costume party at the Grand that will mark its opening night. We’ll look at people making up for the event and attending in regalia, and get their reactions. We’ll also look at whether the movie proves to be worth all the hysteria. C. Barker

Text/Photo Only –

WALKIN’ MAN – Mark Turner is walking the country to raise money for charity. He is halfway into his trek and about to move into the Rockies, raising money all the way for Charity Water, an outfit that funds drinking-water for people who need it. All the way, he’s depending on the kindness of strangers to house and feed him. We have his tale. Text with photos. M. Wurtz

ZOO BAR – The Blues lives in Lincoln. We look at how it does so at the ZB. R. Ruybalid.

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COOKIES: Shara Ways-Bothe was a homemaker and mother of 3 when she decided to follow her passion. She and her best friend started “My Cookie Jones,” working from their homes.  We talk to her about following your dream and starting a business. Text/photos by Kiara Lechter.

YOUNG MANAGER:  Jael Miller is only 22 years old but is the head manager of Old Chicago here in Lincoln – she’s the youngest manager in the entire company. We profile her and talk about the challenges of young managers.  Text/photos by Tori Grdina.

BILINGUAL STORY TIME: Indigo Books offers  bilingual story hour on Saturdays. Audio Slideshow by Jenna Gibson.

FASHION: We’re thinking about Christmas and the owner of the Blu Velvet boutique is already thinking spring dresses. We talk about the challenges of retailers through the eyes of this shop owner.  VIDEO by Kiah Haslett.

TACO SALES: The Mexican American Student Association has four  taco sales a year to raise money that is used to send middle school students to a Latino Leadership Contest. We take students through the hard work of putting on a sale, making the tacos etc. Video by Katrina Fischman.

NONTRADITIONAL STUDENTS:  Pablo Rangel had a successful carpentry business when he decided to give it up two years ago to pursue a history degree from UNL. In his late 30s, Rangel is now a junior who is newly married and well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a college-level history instructor. We’ll use his story to talk about nontraditional students. Text by Ryan Evans

WUNDERKIND: Mitch Paine graduated from UNL in May and is wrapping up his campaign for Lower Platte South Natural Resource District.  At 22, he is already running for office. We profile him and talk about what makes someone jump into politics when most of their peers are still thinking classes or beer. AUDIO slideshow by Sarah McCallister

DANCE CLASS: Lincoln High School has teamed up with the UNL Dance Department to provide a different PE class: Dance 101. This collaboration began last year with various UNL Dance students volunteering to go teach a class at the school and it’s become wildly popular. Video By Seanica Reineke.

OLLI: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, operates on UNL campus and is for people who are 50 and over who want to continuing learning and having a community with their peers.  We take you to their fundraising dance as a way to tell a story about the program. Audio slideshow by Lacey Mason.

TELEPHONE MUSEUM:  Audio slideshow on the Frank H. Woods Telephone Museum located at 2047 M Street.  Rich Schneider

SKATEPARK: Audio slideshow on Bay 198 is a locally owned and operated skate park that’s goal is to provide the city of Lincoln develop and grow the local skate culture. The owners and operators of Bay 198, who are young men, want to mentor and empower the skate culture through a positive environment. By Elizabeth Venrick

ANIMAL BLESSING: Pastor Karen Clarke has been blessing animals since she joined First-Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln in 2008. I want to interview her about why animals need blessing and the demand for animal blessing in Lincoln. I also want to shadow a blessing. Slideshow by Kate Veik

LIBRARY CLASS:  Most UNL majors require students to take a class on the library. Many students think it’s a waste of time. And because they take the class online, they often forget about its requirements, meaning some to drop or fail the class and have to retake it.  We get both students and librarians’ perspectives. Text story by Jenna Gibson.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: We preview the popular Day of the Dead exhibit at the Sheldon and talk about how he exhibit comes together. Video by Kiara Lechter.

JOSH KAY: We profile a 22-year-old Omaha musician who has used social media to establish himself in the music scene.  Video by Tori Grdina.

FAST-FOOD BREAKFAST: More fast-food restaurants offer breakfast on the run and students often take advantage. We know eating breakfast is supposed to be good for you, but is that true if you’re grabbing French toast sticks or sausage McMuffins through a drive-thru window. We talk to nutritionists. Text story by Kiah Haslett.

BEDBUGS + THE SNIFFING DOG: Everyone’s worried about bedbugs these days. UNL extension has a bedbug sniffing dog. We talk about the problem through the eyes of Spot, who is demonstrating his prowess at a workshop on campus. Slideshow by

FOOTBALL BONDS:  Ailing cancer-stricken father with Texas ties and his son bond over Nebraska football. VIDEO by Ryan Evans

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  The Clothesline Project is just one program on campus aimed at raising the awareness of domestic violence. We find out what else is happening on this important issue. Text story by Elizabeth Venrick

St. Gianna Women’s Home: Catholic Social Services is raising money to build an apartment style home for abused women and children in Lincoln. It’s only the second of its kind in the country. Text story by Kate Veik.

Election apathy: Two years ago, students were buzzing as the November election approached. This year, there’s not a lot of buzz on campus. We talk to students, political science professors to see if anyone cares and why or why not.  Text story by Rich Schneider

Penguins are coming:  The Lincoln Children’s Zoo opens its new penguin habitat with the arrival of Hugo and Lonnie. We tell the penguins story – this is one of only 16 places in the country that will have Humboldt Penguins. Video by Sarah McCallister.

Bakery man: Kevin Home hasn’t let MS slow him down. Instead, when he was diagnosed he decided it was time for a life change and he opened a Great Harvest Bread Company franchise in Lincoln. He’s up many mornings at 4 a.m., but loving it. Audio slideshow by Seanica Reineke.

Comedy night: Open mic night at Duffy’s can be the start of a career for some. Has Lincoln got the next Jon Stewart? Video by Lacey Mason.

Energy-Efficient Homes –UNL researchers are working an app that would let you control your home heating and air conditioning by iPhone. They’re also converting an old house on 16th and Vine into a demo home. Podcast interview with Kevin Grosskopf, a researcher, with B roll of the house and researchers working. C. Coli
Weight-Teasing Teens – Psych prof Timothy Nelson will tell us about how damaging mean girls (and boys) can be for overweight youngsters. Podcast. N. Attaie
DUI – a look at how big a problem it is at UNL. Interviews with campus cops and folks on campus working to address the issue. Video. J. Compton
Tractor Heaven – Efforts are under way to develop a Tractor Museum. We look at what will be in it. Text/photo. A. Krienert
Skatepark – A nonprofit skatepark is planned for the Gateway Mall. We’ll talk with the founder and director about why. Podcast with Mike Smith. C. Barker
LGBTQA Suicide Vigil – Covers the anti-bullying vigil with photos and audio. M. Wurtz
Industrial Arts – Should this building at the former State Fair site be saved? Text/photo. J. Hanner
Teen Mom – a look at a former teen mom, now 22, who makes parenthood work. Photo/audio slideshow. R. Ruybalid
Trainers – Athletic trainers run into all sorts of injuries and fix them. We’ll look at these unsung heroes. Video. G. Durst
Tailgaters – Just why do they spend their game days partying? We’ll look at this curious subculture. Video. C. Dohmen

    • Student artist/businesswoman:  Kiara Lechter profiles Emily German, a student artist who is finding success selling her artwork.  (audio slideshow).
    • Teen model: Michelle O’Donnell is an 18-year-old Lincoln girl with a promising modeling career. She has modeled for several designers and companies in Omaha and Lincoln, and recently closed the show at Omaha Fashion Week for designer Daniel Munoz. Audio slideshow by Tori Grdina.
    • Legal troubles: When a student gets a citation for urinating in public or being a minor in possession, does it haunt them forever? Do employers care? Will it hurt their internship chances.  Sarah McCallister talks to students who have been there and to career services about how to handle these indiscretions. (Text and photos)
    • Bike safety: Many students forgo wearing helmets even though there have been numerous bike/car crashes this year. We look at stats on bike-related injuries and talk to someone who has been a statistic.  (Video by Kate Veik)
    • Groupon: Daily discount deals are the latest thing for Lincoln businesses.  More than 1,000 people paid $7 for $15 worth of food at Bread and Cup in one day through Groupon. We look at it from the business-side. Is this good for business? Does it draw in customers? Groupon takes a 50 percent cut. Is it worth it? (Text and photos by Lacey Mason)
    • Whittier: On the heels of its official unveiling and open house, we take readers to the new Whittier Research Center (former Junior high school) and tell the story of the newly renovated building through someone who works there. Video by Rich Schneider
    • Syed Hussain. He is the security officer at Memorial Stadium, works at the North Entrance front desk. A native of Pakistan and new American citizen. He served in the Pakistan Army before coming to Nebraska. (Video by Elizabeth Venrick).
    • Weird ice cream: You can try sweet corn or bacon maple flavored ice cream at the dairy store this fall. How are these weird flavors made? Does anyone eat them? (Audio slideshow by Kiah Haslett)
    • Saving a building: Diane Walkowiak is trying to save the Industrial Arts Building, slated for the wrecking ball. She’s led the way to get it on the National Historic Register, to the dismay of university officials who want it bulldozed. Who is this woman and why does she care? Text and photos by Seanica Reineke
    • No honors: Some honors students get all the way to senior year and decide they just can’t handle doing the thesis. Does it matter? Do employers care? Does the university care if they drop the program?   Text and photos by Katrina Fischman
    • Rocky transition to MyRED–Molly Young text piece
    • Colleges increasingly require students to own laptops–Caroline Kilday text piece
    • Weekly farmer’s market draws crowds to Haymarket–Rebecca Gailey audio slideshow
    • Profile of Japanese restaurant owner–Keisha Hair video (pending)
    • Jessica Heerten’s interview with the curator of the Dale Nichols exhibit.
    • Iinterview with Srivatsan Kidambi, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, whose research focuses on why and how cells regenerate, which could lead to help for Alzheimer’s patients. Patrick Breen is the interviewer.
    • Interview with  James Stubbendieck, director of the Center for Great Plains Studies, who’s passionate about the blowout penstemon, Nebraska’s only endangered plant. Caroline Brauer is the interviewer.
    • What it’s like to be a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band–Rachel Albin video
    • What’s up with the 2 a.m. bar closing–Danielle Beebe video
    • An interview with Gabriel Kwambamba, a TA in the French department who won a luck-of-the-draw visa seven years ago that allowed him to leave his native Congo. Rebecca Gailey is the interviewer.
    • Dancing Around Lincoln and Omaha, a group that tracks all dance related events in the two cities–Jessica Heerten video
    • The rise in popularity of grass-fed beef in a feedlot dominated beef-producing state–Caroline Kilday video
    • NaturePalooza at Morrill Hall, at which the School of Natural Resources will showcase activities at the State Museum–Molly Young slideshow.

    FARMER’S MARKET – They draw crowds on Game Days. Slideshow. G. Durst

  • OLYMPIC CHIROPRACTOR – Dr. Dan Sullivan fixes backs before wrestlers face off in the Olympics. Text/photos. J. Compton
  • WINTER BIKE RIDERS – Some dedicated souls commute by bike even in the snow. How do they do it (and why)? Video. C. Barker
  • PARKING WOES – Faculty/staff lots and municipal garages close to ordinary folks, reap premiums on UNL game days. But you can get a $9 all-day meter pass pass. What’s a nonfan to do? Text/photos.  C. Dohmen
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Floridians and Nebraskans may seem to have little reason to talk about energy-efficient home-building, given the climate differences, but engineers at UNL are working with U. Fla. folks anyway. Podcast with Jonathan Shi, a prof at UNL who gets millions in grants for this. R. Ruybalid
  • KOOSER ON POETRY – Ted Kooser, the former poet laureate of the U.S., makes a living on poetry. How can that be possible? M. Wurtz does a Podcast with him to find out.
  • EAST CAMPUS – Place looks, feels and is different from city campus. Architecture, layout, gardening and livestock spots make it a world apart from the more urbanized main campus. Slideshow. A. Krienert
  • Maureen Wurtz- Video- Swedish hip-hop: A UNL professor and class are studying Swedish hip-hop music and recently returned from a research trip to Sweden where they examined the phenomenon and compared it to U.S. hip-hop music.
  • Chelsea Coli- Print/Photo: MyRed hassles: The quick deployment of UNL’s MyRed software has caused headaches for students and UNL staff alike.
  • Narges Attaie- Text/Photo Lincoln’s new 2 a.m. bar hours: How some restaurants are reacting by staying open later too for after hours bar customers.
  • Caleb Dohmen- Photo Slideshow- UNL’s new Knoll Hall dorm: What makes it better than everything else dorm-wise at UNL.
  • Garret Durst- Text/Photo- UNL’s Gymnastics hire: UNL has just hired a very young new assistant coach for the men’s gymnastics team and some want to know what makes this new coach so special.
  • Nathaniel Perlow- Video- UNL’s move to the Big-10 Conference: What do UNL coaches and athletes think about the upcoming switch to the Big-10. Thoughts from the UNL women’s soccer team which just returned from playing Big-10 foe Indiana.
  • Rachel Ruybalid- Video- Tails and Trails Humane Society fundraiser: A report on the event and the important role the Humane Society plays in the Lincoln community.
  • Aaron Krienert- Podcast Interview- Smoking bars in Lincoln: Despite a statewide smoking ban, cigar bars are still legal and thriving in Lincoln. Aaron interviews one local cigar bar manager on the topic.
  • Jared Hanner- Podcast interview with Lincoln City Council Chairman John Spatz: Topics touched on in this interview will range from Lincoln’s new 2 a.m. bar closing time, the Arena project, parking privatization and the city’s purchase of the Experian building.
  • Chris Barker- Text/Photo- The Lincoln’s Calling music festival: A preview of the upcoming five day music festival that features 90 bands and what may be Lincoln’s biggest annual music festival.
  • Josh Compton- Photo slideshow- Small town Nebraska: A look at small town life in Auburn, Nebraska and the virtues of small town living in the eyes of of those who live there.
  1. Kiara
    September 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Your Name: Kiara Letcher

    Your story format for this assignment:

    ____ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)


    _XXX_ Audio slideshow

    Your pitch (in one short paragraph):
    Emily German is a unl student who makes art and sells what she makes. It would be shots of her painting showing what she has made, and voice over of how she got into it and why she does it.

    Explain why this story is best told using this format.
    It would show all of her art which would be a great way to show visuals. Having her talk about her passion for art would make great audio.

    List the names and titles of the sources (both those you have talked with already and those you plan to talk to) and describe what role they will play in the story.

    Emily German because the art is all hers but also…..

    Hannah Hyslop she also paints and has seen her work they are both DGs and close…

    Also Courtney Nuss She is also a painter and art student she would give great audio also on how art impacts people and how important art is.

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