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Kate Veik Final Project

Your story format for this assignment:

__x___ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

______ Video

__x__ Audio slideshow

Your pitch (in one short paragraph):

Domesti-PUPS (Providing Unique Personal Service) is an organization headquartered in Lincoln that trains dogs to assist people with special needs. To train their dogs, Domesti-PUPS has a collaboration with the Nebraska Department of Corrections where select inmates will train a dog for a year before the dogs are sent out to assist people with special needs.

Explain why this story is best told using this format.

This story would best be told in an audio slideshow format because I think video would be dry and uneventful. Photos will clearly illustrate the relationship between an inmate and his trainee dog.

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific.

It depends. I am still unsure about what part of the program they are currently in. If the dogs are currently being trained, I want to go visit an inmate when he is working with his dog and get photos/audio of their camaraderie and training. If the dogs have already “graduated” from their year of training and a new round of training has not begun, then I will show photos of an inmate with the dog he trained and then go visit the dog in its current assisting situation with a person with special needs and get photos of the dog working with that person.

So either it will be about the program and a current trainer/trainee relationship or it will be about a dog that has gone through the program and the effect on both the inmate and the person with special needs.

List the names and titles of the sources (both those you have talked with already and those you plan to talk to) and describe what role they will play in the story.
Michelle Ashley – Executive Director of Domesti-PUPS (she focuses on the service dog component)
Dick Spearman – involved with the pet therapy side of Domesti-PUPS
Inmate who has trained or is training a dog
Person with special needs who is currently being assisted with a Domesti-PUPS trained dog

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