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Hannah Kurth

Your Name: Kiara Letcher
Your story format for this assignment: Final

___XX__ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

_XX____ Video

___ Audio slideshow

Your pitch (in one short paragraph): Hannah Kurth is a music student here at UNL. She does Operas and stuff  I want to do a story on the Operas that go on, and how she became apart of the program. Im not sure if I want to focus on her, or the fact that there IS opera and things like that going on in Lincoln.

Explain why this story is best told using this format.

Video of the productions would be awessome because you could here it and see it. Pictures and text would work well also because you can tell the specifics of the program in print.

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific.

Get shots of a opera happening, of their rehersals. Also of other students talking about opera and musicals in Lincoln and how they got involved.

List the names and titles of the sources (both those you have talked with already and those you plan to talk to) and describe what role they will play in the story.

Hannah Kurth

Cami Rene Philgreen

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