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Pitch: McCallister’s final project

Your Name: Sarah McCallister
Your story format for this assignment:

__xxx_ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

__xxx___ Video

_____ Audio slideshow

Your pitch (in one short paragraph):

I want to do a story about a new restaurant that opened in the Havelock area called Pepe’s Veggie Mix Bistro.  I had heard interesting things about the restaurant, and I ate there a couple of weeks ago.  The eatery is unique not only due to the fact that it only serves vegetarian fare, but each day, there are only three or four entrees (most of which have a Mexican flair) on the menu for customers to choose from.  Pepe Fierro runs the restaurant and he rotates the menu daily depending on what local produce he has available.  (When I went, I had sweet potato quesadillas, which were fantastic.)  Also, from the research I’ve done so far, Pepe’s is basically a one-man show for the restaurant — he’ll take your order at the front, make your meal while you sit down, then bring it to you when it’s ready.  The interior of the restaurant is also unique as the tables and chairs are just a random collection of different pieces of furniture.

Explain why this story is best told using this format.

The video is going to be my main story, and I’m going to have Fierro talk about the day-to-day activity of the restaurant.  Video is the best option for this portion of the story because I can show customers ordering food, Fierro making the food and people eating.  I also think it’s necessary to give the audience a visualization of the mixmatched furniture of the restaurant.  Furthermore, from the one time I ate there, Fierro was very animated and talkative with the customers, which shows he would give a good interview and be a good voice for the story.

For the text portion (side story), I’m going to do a profile of Fierro.  I want to find out his background in cooking/the restaurant business and why he decided on this particular type of restaurant.  This would be better as a text story because I want to find out his background and inspiration for opening the restaurant, which would be hard to visualize (aside from using pictures I’d obtain from him).

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific.

I would tell this story visually through the video of the daily operation of the restaurant.  I think I can get good matched action of Fierro taking orders, making food and delivering the food.  I also think shots of the outside of the restaurant, walking up the stairs and the interior of the restaurant would be interesting ways to tell the story and really get a feel for this establishment.

List the names and titles of the sources:

Pepe Fierro — owner of the restaurant.  As of right now, I’ve tried to call Pepe’s a couple of times and there’s been no answer.  If I’m still not able to get through this week, I’ll stop in early next week to talk to him.


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