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Kiah Haslett’s final project

Your Name: Kiah Haslett
Your story format for this assignment:

__xxx_ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

__xxx___ Video

_____ Audio slideshow

Your pitch (in one short paragraph):

The Nebraska Archeological Society is composed of amateur archeologists who hunt for artifacts of a past time and share their findings with like-minded individuals at meetings held around the state. The club explores Nebraska’s prehistoric history through presentations from professional archeologists, evaluation of found artifacts and a large annual trade show. For many members, archeology has been a life-long passion and a study they have practiced with the help of the society’s self-taught experts.

Explain why this story is best told as text:

The text story will be a profile of the club, its members and what the club does and how it provides an outlet for members’ imagination and interest in archeology. I would like to dig into some members’ stories about their involvement in the club and what it means to be an amateur archeologist. I would like to explore their passion. I attended their fall meeting and saw how excited members were about the presentation. This will be the main story.

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific.

During the meeting, members can bring artifacts they’ve found and other, more-learned members, will look at them. This “artifact roadshow” will be my video. I want to show the artifacts presented and what members thought about them, how they were used and how old they are.

Other than video, I can try to get photos of artifacts presented.

List the names and titles of the sources:

Kevin Hammond, president
Nancy Carlson, Vice president
Dick Eckles, editor-in-chief of the newsletter
Someone from the Nebraska State Museum
Someone from the Central States Archaeological Society

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