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Tori Grdina – Text Story Pitch

Your Name: Tori Grdina
Your story format for this assignment:

__XXX___ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

____ Video

_____ Audio slideshow

Jael Miller is only 22 years old but is the head manager of Old Chicago here in Lincoln – she’s the youngest manager in the entire company. I’d like to interview her about her experience as a manager, and depending on what things she has to tell me, I’d like to either profile her as a person and her experience of moving up and being such a young manager, or expand the story to interview upper-management opportunities for younger individuals with other companies.

I think this story would make a good text story because I’m able to expand it or concentrate it to whatever degree I feel is appropriate or works best. I think it’s impressive that the youngest manager in the company is from Lincoln, and I think the idea of gaining such a high position at a young age is an interesting topic to be explored. It will be interesting to ask her where or if she went to school and what for, if she plans to stay with the company in the future or continue to move up, why she got the position and what she sees as benefits and disadvantages.

I’m not sure exactly what direction I’d like to take the story in exactly yet, and it will probably depend on what kind of things Jael tells me. If she turns out to be an interesting character herself, I might choose to simply profile her and her journey to moving up. Otherwise she might be a good way to begin a story about a larger picture of young people moving up into high positions in companies at young ages, and what the pros and cons of doing that are.

I plan to [possibly] interview:

Jael Miller.

Her employees, particularly ones that have watched her move up in the company and worked with her for awhile.

Possibly family or friends that could give insight to her as a person.

Whoever hired and promoted her.

Or if I take the story in a different direction, and interview other young people who have gained upper-management positions at different companies at a young age.

I know someone who was promoted to a Starbucks store manager at age 20. Though he no longer works for the company, I still do, which is how I know him, so I’m not sure he’d be an appropriate interview, but he might be able to give me some insight to what it’s like and what kind of things to dig for.

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