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Evans Text Pitch

Your Name: Ryan Evans
Your story format for this assignment:

_xx__ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

_____ Video

_____ Audio slideshow

Your pitch (in one short paragraph): Pablo Rangel had a successful carpentry business when he decided to give it up two years ago to pursue a history degree from UNL. In his late 30s, Rangel is now a junior who is newly married and well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a college-level history instructor. With his sights now set on graduate school, he balances much of his time between tutoring and presenting his research findings to various groups in the region. I plan to do a story that features Rangel’s story while also presenting facts and figures about nontraditional students at UNL and the nation as a whole.

Explain why this story is best told using this format. Text is a suitable format for this story because there would not be enough exciting visual content to justify a slideshow or a video story. By way of an interview, I feel that I can effectively convey Rangel’s story and aspirations in print. Also, the story fits well in the text format because it will include facts and figures about nontraditional students; data which would not be well-represented in other formats.

How will you tell this story visually? Please be specific. I hope to get a good photo of Rangel while he is tutoring other students. For the the other image, I plan to produce an informational graphic that depicts some statistical information about nontraditional students at UNL and/or around the country.

List the names and titles of the sources (both those you have talked with already and those you plan to talk to) and describe what role they will play in the story.

-Pablo Rangel: The nontraditional student who will be featured in the story.

-Rangel’s academic advisor would provide insight not only on his track, but of other nontraditional students like him.

-Marie Wheeler: The contact listed on UNL’s website for the Nontraditional Student Support Group on campus.

-UNL Office of Registration and Records: I hope that they can provide some information on the number of nontraditional students at UNL and their success rates.

-Tammy Lee: Rangel’s wife of two years. She could offer insight on his journey and, as she plans to return to college soon herself, could offer her own views on life as a nontraditional student.


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