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Tori Grdina – Video Pitch

Your Name: Tori Grdina
Your story format for this assignment:

_____ Text (2 photos and/or graphics)

__XX__ Video

_____ Audio slideshow

Josh Kay is a 22-year-old musician from Omaha who is breaking his way into the local music scene and already establishing himself as an artist under his own management. Kay has made excellent use of social networking sites to promote himself and has over 400 followers on Twitter and over 700 fans on Facebook. Kay is currently recording his own demo album, has just released a single to Omaha radio stations, and has almost completed a music video he shot himself. He’s also beginning a new project in which he’s asked fans to e-mail him dares that he’ll do, videotape and then post.

I think this story would make a good video story because he seems to be a rather animated character who is already very comfortable being in front of a camera and can provide a lot of great visual material. Music-related stories can often be difficult to capture in another format if one wishes to know what kind of music or artist they’re learning about. It needs to be heard and will make a great story visually if I can film Kay at work and we can see him as well.

I’m not sure if Kay has any shows coming up that I could attend, but he said he will be recording in Omaha soon and I think it would be fairly easy to get shots of him working on projects or playing guitar, even if it’s just in his basement or on the corner in the Old Market. His dare project also may be an interesting thing to capture too.

I plan to [possibly] interview:

Josh Kay – main focus of story.

Amy Straub – she’s a good friend and photographer who shoots all his promotional images.

Rebecca Culhane – friend and artist Kay has recently collaborated with.

Family or close friends or others who have helped him as an artist would also be great.

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