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Pitch: Kiara’s slideshow story

Your Name: Kiara Letcher

 Your story format for this assignment: ____ Text (2 photos and/or graphics) ____Video _XXX_ Audio slideshow

 Your pitch (in one short paragraph): Emily German is a unl student who makes art and sells what she makes. It would be shots of her painting showing what she has made, and voice over of how she got into it and why she does it.

Explain why this story is best told using this format. It would show all of her art which would be a great way to show visuals. Having her talk about her passion for art would make great audio.

List the names and titles of the sources (both those you have talked with already and those you plan to talk to) and describe what role they will play in the story. Emily German because the art is all hers but also….. Hannah Hyslop she also paints and has seen her work they are both DGs and close… Also Courtney Nuss She is also a painter and art student she would give great audio also on how art impacts people and how important art is.

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